Bakken Area RV Parks

Bakken Area RV Park Offers Affordable Housing Solutions for RV Owners

If you will be in Tioga, ND, for work in the oil industry, you will likely be looking for housing. Due to an abundance of employment opportunities in the area, you will find there is a shortage when it comes to home rentals.

If you do manage to find an apartment or home to live in, it is likely you will be spending half of your wage on rent or you will find you lack the space you need.

Do You Have an RV?

An additional option is for you to bring your own RV and consider living in RV parks in North Dakota.  By bringing your RV you can bring your own comfortable housing option, without having to pay half your wages in rent. When you bring your RV you will not have to fight with others who are looking for accommodation. Living in your RV will help you save a large percentage of the money you will be making whilst living and working in Tioga, ND.

Tioga RV & Trailer Park is a great option when you are looking for RV parks in North Dakota. If you don’t own an RV there are also mobile homes available for rent. Living in Tioga RV & Trailer Park gives you the opportunity to enjoy your own space in your RV in addition to our amenities.

Everything You Need is Available At Our Park

At Tioga you can enjoy 50 AMP electrical service. This means you will have no issue running all of your RV’s appliances. If you enjoy relaxing in front of the TV with a cold drink at night, you can enjoy satellite TV through a local provider.  You can also enjoy a reliable Internet connection through our high-speed fiber-optic Internet service provide, so you can stay in touch with your friends and family back home (click here to see what’s currently included in our monthly RV space rentals).

You can park your RV in our park and walk to local stores, restaurants, and shopping. This is due to our downtown Tioga location. There will be no need to drive for hours just to get the few groceries you might need, or to have a fun night out.

What If You Don’t Have an RV?

If you do not have an RV or you would rather not bring it with you, you can rent a mobile home. All of our mobile homes are new-model homes and offer four bedrooms and two baths, this makes our rentals perfect for crews working in the area. With over 1,280 square feet to enjoy, and everything you could need, you can come home and relax. All of our rentals include beds, couches, dining tables, and some of those other essentials you will need to make the space feel like home.

The town of Tioga, ND is filling up fast and so are our RV spaces and mobile home rentals. If you will need a place to live once you reach Tioga, ND, contact us today and secure your space.

If you are looking for RV parks in North Dakota, Tioga RV & Trailer Park have limited spaces, call us today at (701) 641-6244 and secure your living arrangements in Tioga, ND..