Bakken Oil Field Housing Hard to Find

Bakken Oil Field Housing Hard to Find

Due to new drilling techniques, a new oil boom has ushered in a huge influx of jobs, especially in the North Dakota area with the Bakken formation oil fields. While this is a massive boost to the country’s economy and has created a lot of opportunities for those seeking jobs, it has created a housing crunch in and around Tioga, ND.

Homes for rent are impossible to find, apartments are impossible to find and other Bakken oilfield housing solutions are hard to find as well. However, they’re not impossible to find at all.

Comfortable and Affordable Solutions

Even if you can find a home or an apartment for rent in the Tioga area, you’ll find those solutions are bereft with problems. Home rentals are incredibly expensive and, if you’ve ever lived in an apartment, you’re well aware of how disruptive noisy neighbors, poor parking options and other apartment frustrations can be.

There are definitely more comfortable, more affordable Bakken oilfield housing solutions available.

Tioga RV and Trailer Park has a solution for you, if you’re tired of being frustrated with the “obvious” solutions. If you own or have access to an RV, They have lots of new slots ready for you to pull into and make yourself at home. They also have mobile home solutions for you and your family as well.

Here are just a few things you can look forward to when you come to Tioga RV and Trailer Park.

RV Spaces

  • 50 AMP circuits so you can run all of your appliances without worry
  • Full sewer and water hookup
  • New slots with easy access
  • Space for slide outs

Mobile Homes for Rent

  • 4 bedroom / 2 bath construction for families or roommates
  • New model mobile homes
  • Full kitchen
  • Partially furnished including beds, tables, chairs and couches
  • All appliances included – stove, refrigerator, microwave, dishwasher and washer and dryer

Benefits For Tioga RV and Trailer Park Bakken Oilfield Housing

  • Satellite TV available from a local provider
  • Fiber optic internet service available from a local provider (included with RV space rental)
  • Parking at your front door
  • Walking distance to Williston
  • Downtown location for easy access to shopping, grocery stores and restaurants

Bakken oilfield housing is incredibly tight because of the huge influx of jobs and people. That means you’ll need to contact us at (701) 641-6244 as soon as possible to reserve a RV slot or a mobile home.

Spaces for RVs is limited and mobile homes are filling quickly which means your window of opportunity to create a home for yourself is limited as well. There may be plenty of jobs, but there aren’t plenty of housing options.

If you’re looking for Bakken oilfield housing solutions that are comfortable and that you can afford, call us today.