Bakken Oil Field Housing

Bakken Oil Field Jobs & Housing

Even though Tioga, ND, is a small town, it has recently seen a boom in its population due to the abundance of work that is currently available.

A recent oil boom has seen people flood to the area for employment. In fact, Google recently reported North Dakota’s unemployment rate at just 2.8% – the lowest rate in the nation.  Naturally, if you are considering heading to Tioga for work, we highly suggest you find a place to live before you arrive.

Due to the flood of people arriving in the town to work in the Bakken oil field, there is a housing shortage in all of Western North Dakota.

“Man Camps” Are Cramped & Limit Your Freedom

If you’ve already invested some time to find a place to live, you may see accommodation advertised as corporate style accommodation or “man camps” and this type of housing will get you a small room with shared common spaces, no ability for your family to visit and a no-tolerance policy for alcohol.

A better option for you may be to bring your own RV. By bringing your own RV you can have a comfortable space to yourself. You can come home after a long day at work, knowing you can relax and stretch out without bothering anybody else.

If You Don’t Have an RV…

At our trailer park you have the option to park your own RV, or you can rent one of our affordable, brand new mobile homes.

Our new-model manufactured homes are a great solution to the Bakken oilfield housing problem.

The mobile homes we offer for rent, have 1280 square feet of space with four bedrooms and two bathrooms. All the basic furnishings you need are included, so there is no need to lug furniture around or go out and purchase a bunch of furniture.  Just bring your bed sheets and blankets and you’ll be ready to relax.

Our park is also wired for high-speed fiber-optic Internet (available through a local provider) and satellite television is also available in our area through a local provider.  This makes it easy to stay in touch with your friends and family, catch a game or watch one of your favorite shows.

Cost is just one advantage that bringing your own RV or renting a mobile home can afford you. Tioga RV & Trailer Park is also centrally located so that you can have everything the town of Tioga has to offer. There is no need to drive for hours.

If you know you will be coming to the area, give us a call today to check availability.  As we mentioned earlier, Bakken oilfield housing is in such short supply that many people arrive only to find every apartment, hotel, and RV park have no vacancies.

Our RV spaces and mobile homes are filling up fast, contact us today at (701)641-6244 to secure your Bakken oilfield housing!