Act Now for Affordable Housing Solutions in Tioga, ND

Thanks to a seven-year boom in the Bakken oil field, the town of Tioga, North Dakota has experienced tremendous growth in recent months.

Surges in the number of employees hired to work in this oil field has led to hundreds of people looking for affordable housing.

If you’re seeking employment here, finding a place to live can not only be difficult, but expensive. Staying at our RV park in Tioga, ND could be the solution to your dilemma-as long as you act quickly.

Option 1: Bring Your Own RV

If you already own an RV, you’ll already be ahead of the game, since you won’t have to put money down on a house or apartment. Instead, bring your vehicle with you and park it here at one of the finest RV parks in Tioga, ND. Our well-maintained park can accommodate all sizes of vehicles, including motor homes, fifth-wheel RVs, travel trailers up to 50′ in length.

Each space has 50-amp electrical service, water and sewage for your convenience, and fiber-optic Internet service and satellite television are available from local providers (visit our RV Spaces page to see what’s currently included).

Your RV is a place you will feel comfortable in after a long day of working in the oil fields. Relax and unwind in comfort, knowing you are not only close to work, but local restaurants, grocery stores and retail outlets as well.

Option 2: Rent a Beautiful and Spacious Mobile Home

If you don’t own an RV, we still have a few comfortable mobile homes available for rent. Each one contains four bedrooms, two bathrooms, a full kitchen and washer and dryer. All of our models are new or like-new, and may also come partially furnished. Satellite television and high-speed Internet are also available through local providers (our park is already wired for high-speed fiber-optic Internet service).

This is a perfect solution for corporate housing or if you are part of a crew coming to the area. Homes like these are in high demand, which is why you should act quickly in order to secure one for yourself. Otherwise, you may have to settle for a room in a man camp.

Act Now – Spaces and Rentals Are Very Limited Due to Strong Demand

To secure RV space or a rental trailer, you’ll need to act as soon as possible.

More people are headed to our area every day, and all of them need affordable housing. In addition, many of the other RV parks in Tioga, ND have already filled up. If you delay, you could find yourself needing to drive some distance to work every day, or paying much more in rent than what’s available here.

Secure affordable housing today – call 701-641-6244 to make your reservation.

Bakken Oil Field Jobs Are Plentiful But Housing Is Hard to Find

Thanks to new advancements in drilling, the Midwest is experiencing an oil boom, with the epicenter in Western North Dakota.

The boom came just in time for many hit hard by the economic downturn in 2008 and tens of thousands of workers packed up and headed north in search of Bakken oil field jobs.

Jobs in the area are easy to find, with annual pay starting in the high five figures and extending into the six figures.

The Bakken Housing Shortage

While this is fantastic after a time when the economy was rough for everyone, the drawback is the housing situation.

Fortunately, there are some truly affordable solutions available.

While there are rental homes and apartments in the area, not only are they already rented, but if you’ve ever lived in an apartment building, you understand the drawbacks of apartment living.

If you do get lucky and find an apartment, it usually comes with a 12-month lease requirement, which can be challenging if your new job moves you around the area.

But, apartments or rental homes aren’t your only option.  There are other solutions available as well that provide you with truly comfortable and affordable living arrangements.

A Better Option Than Living in an Apartment

For example, Tioga RV and Trailer Park has s good selection of 4 bedroom mobile homes available for rent. Not only is Tioga home to many high-paying Bakken oil field jobs, but with all of the benefits you’ll find at our park, chances are high that you won’t be able to find a better deal in the Tioga area.

Here are some of the benefits you’ll enjoy:

  • Parking right outside your front door
  • Walking distance to local businesses
  • Partially furnished with tables, chairs, beds and other essential furniture
  • Close to Bakken oil field jobs
  • Satellite TV available from local area providers
  • Fiber optic internet service available from a local provider (our park is already wired for service)
  • 4 bedroom / 2 bath configurations for crews or roommates
  • Downtown Tioga location means you’re close to restaurants, stores and shopping
  • Washer and dryer as well as other major appliances such as stove, refrigerator, dishwasher and microwave included so you’ll feel right at home

Having great benefits like these are important, but location to your work and to other conveniences is important as well.

Since Tioga RV and Trailer Park is located in the heart of all the Bakken oil field jobs and in the middle of downtown Tioga, you’ll have easy access to work as well as shopping, grocery stores, entertainment and restaurants.

Housing Demand Is Very High – Call Us Today

Keep in mind you’ll want to move quickly to ensure you’ve reserved a home. With so many new jobs in the area, housing is tight already and will continue to tighten up as more workers come into the Tioga area.

If you’re planning to move to the Tioga area, you’ll want to contact us at (701) 641-6244 as soon as possible to ensure you have a home to come to when the job is done for the day.

Bakken Area RV Park Offers Affordable Housing Solutions for RV Owners

If you will be in Tioga, ND, for work in the oil industry, you will likely be looking for housing. Due to an abundance of employment opportunities in the area, you will find there is a shortage when it comes to home rentals.

If you do manage to find an apartment or home to live in, it is likely you will be spending half of your wage on rent or you will find you lack the space you need.

Do You Have an RV?

An additional option is for you to bring your own RV and consider living in RV parks in North Dakota.  By bringing your RV you can bring your own comfortable housing option, without having to pay half your wages in rent. When you bring your RV you will not have to fight with others who are looking for accommodation. Living in your RV will help you save a large percentage of the money you will be making whilst living and working in Tioga, ND.

Tioga RV & Trailer Park is a great option when you are looking for RV parks in North Dakota. If you don’t own an RV there are also mobile homes available for rent. Living in Tioga RV & Trailer Park gives you the opportunity to enjoy your own space in your RV in addition to our amenities.

Everything You Need is Available At Our Park

At Tioga you can enjoy 50 AMP electrical service. This means you will have no issue running all of your RV’s appliances. If you enjoy relaxing in front of the TV with a cold drink at night, you can enjoy satellite TV through a local provider.  You can also enjoy a reliable Internet connection through our high-speed fiber-optic Internet service provide, so you can stay in touch with your friends and family back home (click here to see what’s currently included in our monthly RV space rentals).

You can park your RV in our park and walk to local stores, restaurants, and shopping. This is due to our downtown Tioga location. There will be no need to drive for hours just to get the few groceries you might need, or to have a fun night out.

What If You Don’t Have an RV?

If you do not have an RV or you would rather not bring it with you, you can rent a mobile home. All of our mobile homes are new-model homes and offer four bedrooms and two baths, this makes our rentals perfect for crews working in the area. With over 1,280 square feet to enjoy, and everything you could need, you can come home and relax. All of our rentals include beds, couches, dining tables, and some of those other essentials you will need to make the space feel like home.

The town of Tioga, ND is filling up fast and so are our RV spaces and mobile home rentals. If you will need a place to live once you reach Tioga, ND, contact us today and secure your space.

If you are looking for RV parks in North Dakota, Tioga RV & Trailer Park have limited spaces, call us today at (701) 641-6244 and secure your living arrangements in Tioga, ND..

Which Is Better: Renting an Apartment or a Manufactured Home in Tioga, ND?

Thanks to the “oil boom” that is being enjoyed in several areas around the Midwest, jobs paying good money are actually fairly easy to find.

One area, the Bakken formation in Tioga, ND, is one of the latest areas to enjoy the benefits of the resurgent “oil boom” and well-paying jobs are plentiful.

The drawback is housing availability.

If you’re planning to head to North Dakota to take advantage of the situation, you may be looking for apartments or mobile homes for rent in Tioga. So, which is actually best?

Apartments vs. Mobile Homes – Which Is Better for You?

Both apartments and mobile homes have reasonably comparable rents, although most apartment complexes require a minimum 12 month lease.

However, when it comes to the human factor, you’ll probably enjoy living in a mobile home much more than you would living in an apartment complex.

Here are a few reasons why you may prefer mobile homes for rent in Tioga instead of an apartment:

  • Apartments share walls with other apartments. This means if you have a neighbor, you may be able to hear them through the walls. If you have a quiet neighbor, that isn’t very often, but if your neighbor works a different shift from you, a noisy neighbor can become a real problem, especially when you’re trying to sleep.
  • Older apartment complexes with wooden floors may have a “squeak” factor which means you may be affected by an upstairs neighbor doing little more than walking around their apartment.
  • Many apartment complexes don’t have parking close to your apartment which can be inconvenient, especially in inclement weather.  By comparison, you literally park just a few feet from your front door when you choose to rent a mobile home.
  • Apartment buildings may have strict limitations about which television and internet providers you can use or what’s available. For a small monthly fee, you can have fiber optic internet and satellite television in a mobile home, usually from a local provider of your choice.  Our park is already wired for high-speed Internet, which you can sign up for with our local provider.
  • Most apartments for rent come unfurnished whereas many mobile homes for rent in Tioga are available partially furnished.

Let’s face it. If you’re coming to the area to work, getting rest and being able to relax is important.

If you’re looking for mobile homes to rent in Tioga that provides you with all the benefits you want, give us a call at (701) 641-6244 today before all the best homes are taken.

Bakken Oil Field RV Parks

The Western North Dakota town of Tioga has experienced explosive growth recently, thanks to an increase in the number of Bakken oil field jobs.

Increased production at the nearby Bakken oil fields, coupled with expansion at the Hess Corporation gas plant has led to hundreds of people flocking here to find work. All of these people are looking for affordable housing, which is currently at a premium.

If you’re planning to relocate here, bringing your own RV is a smart idea, provided you are able to find a space.

Supply and Demand

Tioga, ND is a relatively small town, having a population of only around 1,200 people before the boom. This means there were few housing options to begin with, and there are even fewer now that workers are coming here to fill Bakken oil field jobs.  Many have decided bringing an RV to Tioga would help solve their problems, but were discouraged to find there were few RV parks in the area.

Tioga RV and Trailer Park

We recently built Tioga RV and Trailer Park is one park that still has a limited amount of space available. If you act quickly, you may be able to secure an RV space with 50-amp electric, water, and sewer service very affordably. Each spaces is wired for fiber optic Internet and satellite television is also available from a local provider (click here to see what’s currently included). RVs up to 50′ in length are welcome (call us for availability of spaces with room for slide-outs).

If you don’t own an RV, one of the four bedroom two bath mobile homes might be better for you. These homes are in new or like-new condition, and have full kitchens and laundry facilities for your convenience. Fiber optic Internet and satellite television is also available in our mobile homes through local service providers. A few of the homes are partially furnished as well.

This mobile home park is just over two miles from the Hess Corporation gas plant, and is also only a short drive from the Bakken oil fields. You’ll also be close to local stores and restaurants, making it easy to pick up necessities or grab a bite to eat after work.

Act now to Reserve your Spot

While there are still spaces available, they are going extremely fast and won’t be available for long. Those who arrive here without making reservations often become discouraged at how difficult it is to find an RV park with available space. Make sure you have a home that’s near Bakken oil field jobs and other local attractions by reserving your spot today. Call 701-641-6244 to speak with a representative.

Comfortable Living for RV Owners Headed to Tioga, ND

Are you headed to Tioga, ND to find work in the Bakken oil fields? If so, you probably already know there is a shortage of available housing in the area, and the housing that can be found is rather expensive.

Staying in an RV is an excellent option; however, there are few RV parks in North Dakota with available space.

The new Tioga RV and Mobile Home Park may have a limited number of spaces available – contact us today to ask about availability.

Enjoy All the Comforts of Home

When you come to Tioga RV & Trailer Park in your RV, you’ll enjoy all the comforts of home. With 50-amp electrical service, you’ll be able to power all your appliances, in addition to staying toasty warm during the harsh North Dakota winter.

Our RV spaces are also wired for high-speed fiber optic Internet and satellite television is available from a local provider.  For more information on what’s included in our monthly rental rates, visit our RV Spaces page.

Naturally, the availability of high-speed Internet and satellite television makes it easy to relax and unwind after a long workday or to connect with your friends and family.

Convenient Location

Another thing that makes this one of the best RV parks in North Dakota for oil field workers is its convenient location. You’ll be close to local businesses and employers.

The town of Tioga also has a bank, grocery store, restaurants, public school system and several churches. The fact that you’re close to all these things will make life here much easier for you as well.

Space is Limited

Space is already limited, and in high demand among oil field workers. Many of the older RV parks in North Dakota are already full, meaning the new people headed to this area are all competing for the few spaces we do have left.

Act now to ensure you have a spot, as these spaces are not expected to be available much longer.

Call 701-641-6244 to make your reservation before they are all gone.

Tioga Mobile Home Park Offers a Better Alternative to North Dakota “Man Camps”

While any boomtown situation creates a lot of opportunity and excitement, it also often means challenges and struggles for the individuals involved. If you’ve come to the Bakken field in North Dakota to take advantage of the current demand for workers in the shale fields, you’re probably already aware of the critical shortage of housing in the area.

In fact, you may already be living in some of the cramped quarters companies have built to provide facilities for their employees. The locals call these the “Man Camps”.

Or, you may be trying to get by in your own RV without adequate hookups.

The Bakken Oilfield Man Camps

Since companies need to know their new hires will have a place to live and rest, many have resorted to creating minimalist habitations. These man camps may serve the purpose of getting you out of the weather, but due to strict rules and regulations, many don’t enjoy the experience.

You’ll find most of the places constructed by companies will offer a very small bedroom, sometimes shared with another worker. Most of them rely on shared bathrooms and community kitchens and living areas. You have minimal privacy and have to put up with the habits and attitudes of other workers.

Alternative #1 (If You Own an RV)

If you have your own RV or want more comfortable housing, you may find what you need at Tioga RV & Trailer Park. We say may because there is limited availability and the positive word on Tioga as a man camp alternative is spreading rapidly. We’re also a preferred location for RV owners.

We have a limited number of full-service RV spots where you can enjoy all the conveniences of home.

For more information, visit our RV Spaces page.

Alternative #2 (If You Don’t Have an RV)

If you don’t currently own an RV, you may be happy to discover that we have a number of new-model mobile homes for rent at our Tioga, ND location.

Each home has four bedrooms, two bathrooms, and each home is partially furnished.

If you’re working in the Bakken oil fields, you’ll find you work hard and need the rest and relaxation to keep up the pace you need to maximize your earnings…

Why put up with snoring and a room full of noisy neighbors when you can sit in your quiet and private living area?

To find out more, visit our Mobile Homes for Rent page.

The limited availability of these 4-bedroom, 2-bath models mean you should contact us as soon as possible.

Call Us Today to Ask About Availability

Although we have limited availability, you’ll be glad you took the time to call us at (701)641-6244.  We’ll make every effort to accommodate your needs.

More Jobs Than Housing in the Bakken Oil Field, But One Mobile Home Park Has Solutions

If you’ve been searching for a job, you may be considering moving to the Western North Dakota to work in the Bakken oil field.

Spanning North Dakota, Montana, and parts of Canada, the Bakken Formation is home to large shale oil reserves. The surrounding region has recently experienced an economic boom thanks to a rise of drilling and fracking in the Bakken shale.

People who once had trouble paying their rent in other parts of the country have moved to the Bakken and many are now making six-figure incomes. The oil boom has created jobs not only for oil workers, but also for bus drivers, school teachers, truckers, construction workers, pilots, and even masseuses.

If this opportunity sounds too good to be true, there is one caveat: Bakken oilfield housing is hard to find.

Money Everywhere, But Few Places to Live

The problem with oil booms is that they tend to happen in remote areas that don’t have many housing solutions. Bakken oilfield housing is no exception.

Local communities have had trouble absorbing the thousands of newcomers who have flocked to the Bakken since the beginning of the oil boom.

Housing prices have gone through the roof. The average price of a one-bedroom flat in Williston, North Dakota, for example, is $2,394 per month. North Dakota has eclipsed New York as the most expensive state in the country.

Even with the increase in local salaries, most newcomers to the region cannot afford Bakken oilfield housing; many have had to take multiple jobs just to pay their rent. The housing crisis has been particularly hard on the elderly, many of whom have had to come out of retirement because their pensions couldn’t cover the rent increase. Many residents have begun to protest these developments, lobbying the government for rent controls and new housing projects.

Local officials have tried to launch new building projects, but keeping up with demand has been difficult. They have also had to deal with the limits of their infrastructure: local utilities don’t have the resources to supply water and power to thousands of new houses.

In the meantime, newcomers have been living in tents, makeshift shelters, and even sleeping bags. This is uncomfortable, and given how cold the Bakken becomes during the winter, very dangerous.

Tioga RV & Trailer Park May Be Just What You’ve Been Searching For

If you plan to take a job in the Bakken, but worry that you won’t be able to find good housing, don’t worry: Tioga RV & Trailer Park offers high-quality, affordable Bakken oilfield housing to families and individuals alike.

Each new model mobile home has four bedrooms and two bathrooms. The homes also come furnished with couches, beds, tables, a washer, and a dryer, making them ideal if you only plan to stay in the Bakken for a limited time.

If you plan to live in an RV, the park also offers clean, affordable spaces to park them. Our spaces come with ample room for slide-outs. They also come with access to a 50 AMP power service, so you can enjoy all of your appliances.

For a small monthly fee, you can purchase high-speed fiber-optic internet and satellite television for any mobile home or RV space.

Our homes and RV spaces are located in Tioga, North Dakota, home to many jobs in oil and natural gas extraction and processing. Living here will give you easy access to grocery stores, restaurants, banks, and the Tioga Public School System.

Call Us Today – Spaces and Rental Homes Are In Very High Demand

The park currently has 90 RV spaces and 11 mobile homes. Demand is high, so call (701)641-6244 to reserve a space before they’ve all been taken!

Finding Available Apartments in Tioga & Williston Proves Challenging But Other Options Are Available

If you have been looking for apartments in Tioga or Williston, ND for very long, you have probably noticed that finding a decent apartment is not easy. Anything that is reasonably close to the oil field, or that has nice amenities is taken, and has been for some time now. Fortunately, there is an alternative that most people would find even more attractive than an apartment – new model mobile homes.

If you’re not familiar with mobile homes, a few of the benefits include:

  • No shared walls
  • Parking right in front of your door
  • Larger living space
  • Living at ground level

No Shared Walls with Neighbors So You Can Sleep Well

Perhaps the biggest benefit of a mobile home, as opposed to apartments in Tioga or Williston, ND, is the fact that you do not have someone directly on the other side of the wall. With an apartment, you may get lucky and have a neighbor who is extremely quiet, never stays up late, and does not throw any parties. On the other hand, you might end up with someone who will be loud at all hours of the night.

A mobile home doesn’t have shared walls, which means the chances of having to deal with a noisy neighbor are much lower.

Parking at your Doorstep Makes Your Life Easier

Apartment complexes usually have parking spaces located some distance away, with maybe a short walk needed to get to your front door. Often though, you are going to be living in an apartment that will not be on the ground level, or have an outdoor entrance available to you. With a mobile home, you can park just a few feet away from your door.  You’ll really appreciate being just steps away from your front door when you are bringing home groceries or anything else when the temperatures drop in North Dakota.

Enjoy Plenty of Space

The amount of living space you get could be more than double what you might find in similarly priced apartments in Tioga, ND. With a mobile home, you get a full sized kitchen and large living room, and four bedrooms.

Of course, our mobile homes usually rent quickly. For this reason, it is very important that you call us today to see what kind of mobile homes are presently available to rent.

Living on the Ground Floor Makes Life Easier

You may also appreciate living on the ground floor as opposed to living on the second floor of an apartment or hotel.

Living on the ground floor is especially appealing during the winter in North Dakota, especially if you have to make multiple trips to your vehicle for things such as groceries, or if you just need to run to the store.

Our Mobile Homes Rent Quickly, Call Us Today

Since these are new-model mobile homes, space is limited, and what is available is being rented or reserved quickly. It is definitely in your best interest to take a tour of a mobile home as soon as you can.

Call us today at (701)-641-6244 to schedule a tour or to get the move-in process started.

Bakken Oil Field Jobs & Housing

Even though Tioga, ND, is a small town, it has recently seen a boom in its population due to the abundance of work that is currently available.

A recent oil boom has seen people flood to the area for employment. In fact, Google recently reported North Dakota’s unemployment rate at just 2.8% – the lowest rate in the nation.  Naturally, if you are considering heading to Tioga for work, we highly suggest you find a place to live before you arrive.

Due to the flood of people arriving in the town to work in the Bakken oil field, there is a housing shortage in all of Western North Dakota.

“Man Camps” Are Cramped & Limit Your Freedom

If you’ve already invested some time to find a place to live, you may see accommodation advertised as corporate style accommodation or “man camps” and this type of housing will get you a small room with shared common spaces, no ability for your family to visit and a no-tolerance policy for alcohol.

A better option for you may be to bring your own RV. By bringing your own RV you can have a comfortable space to yourself. You can come home after a long day at work, knowing you can relax and stretch out without bothering anybody else.

If You Don’t Have an RV…

At our trailer park you have the option to park your own RV, or you can rent one of our affordable, brand new mobile homes.

Our new-model manufactured homes are a great solution to the Bakken oilfield housing problem.

The mobile homes we offer for rent, have 1280 square feet of space with four bedrooms and two bathrooms. All the basic furnishings you need are included, so there is no need to lug furniture around or go out and purchase a bunch of furniture.  Just bring your bed sheets and blankets and you’ll be ready to relax.

Our park is also wired for high-speed fiber-optic Internet (available through a local provider) and satellite television is also available in our area through a local provider.  This makes it easy to stay in touch with your friends and family, catch a game or watch one of your favorite shows.

Cost is just one advantage that bringing your own RV or renting a mobile home can afford you. Tioga RV & Trailer Park is also centrally located so that you can have everything the town of Tioga has to offer. There is no need to drive for hours.

If you know you will be coming to the area, give us a call today to check availability.  As we mentioned earlier, Bakken oilfield housing is in such short supply that many people arrive only to find every apartment, hotel, and RV park have no vacancies.

Our RV spaces and mobile homes are filling up fast, contact us today at (701)641-6244 to secure your Bakken oilfield housing!