The Bakken Oil Field

Business is booming in Western North Dakota due to oil and natural gas exploration in the Bakken oil fields and finding a mobile home to rent or an available RV space can be challenging, which is why you’ll probably want to call us if you are moving into the area.

Oil was first discovered in the Bakken formation in 1951, but the oil was difficult to extract because much of the oil was trapped in shale.  

But, starting in 2000, the use of hydraulic fracturing or “fracking” and horizontal drilling, oil companies started to tap into the vast oil reserves.

The majority of the oil production  has been in North Dakota, and as the boom took off, the unemployment rate dropped to the lowest level in the nation...

Bakken Oil Field

This caused a massive housing shortage in the area, with some people arriving for new jobs or to find a job in the oil field only to realize they were going to have to sleep in their vehicles until they could find an available apartment, hotel or mobile home for rent.

Now, many of the local companies offering oilfield jobs only want to interview applicants who are already living in the area or who have reserved a place to live out of a concern that their new employees may have to return home if they are unable to find housing.

If you are applying for or have already secured a Bakken oilfield job…

Call us at (701) 641-6244 to make a reservation.

More information about the Bakken formation can be found here.

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