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More Jobs Than Housing in the Bakken Oil Field, But One Mobile Home Park Has Solutions

If you’ve been searching for a job, you may be considering moving to the Western North Dakota to work in the Bakken oil field.

Spanning North Dakota, Montana, and parts of Canada, the Bakken Formation is home to large shale oil reserves. The surrounding region has recently experienced an economic boom thanks to a rise of drilling and fracking in the Bakken shale.

People who once had trouble paying their rent in other parts of the country have moved to the Bakken and many are now making six-figure incomes. The oil boom has created jobs not only for oil workers, but also for bus drivers, school teachers, truckers, construction workers, pilots, and even masseuses.

If this opportunity sounds too good to be true, there is one caveat: Bakken oilfield housing is hard to find.

Money Everywhere, But Few Places to Live

The problem with oil booms is that they tend to happen in remote areas that don’t have many housing solutions. Bakken oilfield housing is no exception.

Local communities have had trouble absorbing the thousands of newcomers who have flocked to the Bakken since the beginning of the oil boom.

Housing prices have gone through the roof. The average price of a one-bedroom flat in Williston, North Dakota, for example, is $2,394 per month. North Dakota has eclipsed New York as the most expensive state in the country.

Even with the increase in local salaries, most newcomers to the region cannot afford Bakken oilfield housing; many have had to take multiple jobs just to pay their rent. The housing crisis has been particularly hard on the elderly, many of whom have had to come out of retirement because their pensions couldn’t cover the rent increase. Many residents have begun to protest these developments, lobbying the government for rent controls and new housing projects.

Local officials have tried to launch new building projects, but keeping up with demand has been difficult. They have also had to deal with the limits of their infrastructure: local utilities don’t have the resources to supply water and power to thousands of new houses.

In the meantime, newcomers have been living in tents, makeshift shelters, and even sleeping bags. This is uncomfortable, and given how cold the Bakken becomes during the winter, very dangerous.

Tioga RV & Trailer Park May Be Just What You’ve Been Searching For

If you plan to take a job in the Bakken, but worry that you won’t be able to find good housing, don’t worry: Tioga RV & Trailer Park offers high-quality, affordable Bakken oilfield housing to families and individuals alike.

Each new model mobile home has four bedrooms and two bathrooms. The homes also come furnished with couches, beds, tables, a washer, and a dryer, making them ideal if you only plan to stay in the Bakken for a limited time.

If you plan to live in an RV, the park also offers clean, affordable spaces to park them. Our spaces come with ample room for slide-outs. They also come with access to a 50 AMP power service, so you can enjoy all of your appliances.

For a small monthly fee, you can purchase high-speed fiber-optic internet and satellite television for any mobile home or RV space.

Our homes and RV spaces are located in Tioga, North Dakota, home to many jobs in oil and natural gas extraction and processing. Living here will give you easy access to grocery stores, restaurants, banks, and the Tioga Public School System.

Call Us Today – Spaces and Rental Homes Are In Very High Demand

The park currently has 90 RV spaces and 11 mobile homes. Demand is high, so call (701)641-6244 to reserve a space before they’ve all been taken!