Tioga Mobile Homes for Rent

New-Model Mobile Homes for Rent in Tioga / Williston, ND Area

Like so many who have come to the Tioga / Williston area to work in the oil fields, finding a comfortable place to call home is always a top priority.

If you are looking into mobile homes for rent in the Tioga and Williston, ND, area, Tioga RV & Trailer Park offers some of the best quality 16 x 80 foot homes available in the area. If you’d like to learn more, take a few moments to review what makes these mobile homes so attractive to visiting oil workers and locals alike.

Our Partially Furnished Mobile Homes Make Moving to Tioga Easy

Tioga Mobile Homes for Rent

Our partially furnished homes come with a full kitchen, washer and dryer so you can enjoy all the comforts of home.

Instead of having to worry about moving every piece of furniture you own, you can enjoy relaxing in your new home the moment you arrive.

These mobile homes for rent in Tioga, which is close to Williston, ND, will certainly exceed your expectations, offering 1,280 square feet of spacious comfort.

The mobile homes available at Tioga RV & Trailer Park include 4 bedrooms and 2 baths so you’ll enjoy plenty of room (instead of being crammed into a small hotel room or “man camp” room).

Friends and family will love your new home as well.

Are you looking for a top notch place to stay while you work in the oil fields? Tioga RV & Trailer Park provides tenants with the highest quality mobile homes for rent in the Tioga and Williston, ND, area. Even if your time spent in the area will be temporary there’s no reason to accept second-rate living accommodations. If you need a place to live for a few months or even years at a time, you won’t find mobile homes quite like those offered at Tioga RV & Trailer Park because our homes are new-model manufactured homes.

Outstanding Amenities Mean Your Home Will Be a Great Place to Relax

High-speed fiber optic cable Internet and satellite television are both available for a minimal monthly charge. Additional amenities include washing machines, dryers and full-kitchens.

You’ll be able to park close to your front door, which makes it easy to bring in the groceries.

These mobile homes for rent in Tioga and Williston, ND will make you and your loved ones feel right at home.

You’ll Be Close to Everything

The prime location of Tioga RV & Trailer Park makes their mobile homes for rent in Tioga and Williston, ND especially attractive.

Nearby restaurants include Lonestar BBQ, Sportsman Cafe & Steakhouse, Wildcatz Grill and Lil’s Diner, all located just down a short drive down the main street.

For those who have little ones, Tioga’s Central Elementary School and the Tioga Public School are also just a few blocks away.

And, in case of emergencies, the Tioga Medical Center and clinic is conveniently located nearby as well.  For groceries, visit Food Pride located just Main Street North.

Call Us Today to Schedule a Tour or Make a Reservation (These Homes Are Going Fast)

These homes are going fast, so don’t hesitate to contact a friendly associate right now to reserve your mobile home before it’s too late!

To learn more about our wonderful mobile homes for rent in Tioga, ND, visit us at 217 5th St. SE or call us at (702) 641-6244 now.

Move into some of the most luxurious mobile homes available in the area and secure a relaxing place you’ll be proud to call home after you come home from a long day of work. You deserve it!