RV Spaces Hard to Find in Tioga Williston ND

RV Spaces Hard to Find in Tioga / Williston Area

With so many awesome jobs available in the Tioga, North Dakota area thanks to the Bakken oil field boom, you’re probably wondering how tight the housing market is.

Well, the answer to that is tight – very tight.

Houses and apartments are at a premium and even mobile homes are hard to find. However, if you own an RV and are looking for RV spaces in Tioga, ND, you’re in luck.

A great recreational vehicle is the perfect solution for that home away from home. With all the conveniences of modern appliance, comfortable bedrooms, bathrooms and even plenty of space for a small family, an RV makes for a perfect, short term housing solution that anyone can be comfortable in. All you have to do is find RV spaces in Tioga, ND and you’re all set.

Finding an RV Space in Tioga, ND

Tioga RV and Trailer Park is the perfect place to park your RV. Not only do you have all the services you need for electricity and sewage, but with all of the added benefits you’ll have available, you’ll wonder why you didn’t look there first. Here are just a few benefits you’ll enjoy at Tioga RV and Trailer Park:

  • 50 AMP service for all of your appliances and more
  • Satellite TV service available for a small fee
  • Access to fiber optic internet service available
  • Room for slide outs
  • Downtown location provides easy access to shopping, restaurants and stores
  • Central location
  • Easy access to other job sites as well

Why spend hours driving to find shopping, grocery stores and access to everything you need when you can live close enough to walk to everywhere you want to go? Why live miles away from job sites when you can live close enough to Williston to walk?

Why do without all the comforts of home when you can live in your own RV and have satellite TV and high speed fiber optic internet service?

Although RV spaces in Tioga, ND, can be hard to find, at Tioga RV and Trailer Park, we recently built 90 new spaces so you don’t have to sacrifice anything to live the way you want to live.

Reserve Your Space Today – Spaces Are In High Demand

Keep in mind that the oil boom isn’t going away anytime soon and more people are coming into the area every day.

Whether you’re planning to work in the oil field or whether you’re coming here for other reasons, call (701) 641-6244 today to reserve your space before it’s gone.