Mobile Homes for Rent in Tioga ND

Tioga Mobile Home Park Offers a Better Alternative to North Dakota “Man Camps”

While any boomtown situation creates a lot of opportunity and excitement, it also often means challenges and struggles for the individuals involved. If you’ve come to the Bakken field in North Dakota to take advantage of the current demand for workers in the shale fields, you’re probably already aware of the critical shortage of housing in the area.

In fact, you may already be living in some of the cramped quarters companies have built to provide facilities for their employees. The locals call these the “Man Camps”.

Or, you may be trying to get by in your own RV without adequate hookups.

The Bakken Oilfield Man Camps

Since companies need to know their new hires will have a place to live and rest, many have resorted to creating minimalist habitations. These man camps may serve the purpose of getting you out of the weather, but due to strict rules and regulations, many don’t enjoy the experience.

You’ll find most of the places constructed by companies will offer a very small bedroom, sometimes shared with another worker. Most of them rely on shared bathrooms and community kitchens and living areas. You have minimal privacy and have to put up with the habits and attitudes of other workers.

Alternative #1 (If You Own an RV)

If you have your own RV or want more comfortable housing, you may find what you need at Tioga RV & Trailer Park. We say may because there is limited availability and the positive word on Tioga as a man camp alternative is spreading rapidly. We’re also a preferred location for RV owners.

We have a limited number of full-service RV spots where you can enjoy all the conveniences of home.

For more information, visit our RV Spaces page.

Alternative #2 (If You Don’t Have an RV)

If you don’t currently own an RV, you may be happy to discover that we have a number of new-model mobile homes for rent at our Tioga, ND location.

Each home has four bedrooms, two bathrooms, and each home is partially furnished.

If you’re working in the Bakken oil fields, you’ll find you work hard and need the rest and relaxation to keep up the pace you need to maximize your earnings…

Why put up with snoring and a room full of noisy neighbors when you can sit in your quiet and private living area?

To find out more, visit our Mobile Homes for Rent page.

The limited availability of these 4-bedroom, 2-bath models mean you should contact us as soon as possible.

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